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Our Friends of the Way program is currently closed for registrations. Join our new mailing list in order to receive updates about future offerings. Click here.


An effortless way to join and immerse in the astonishing, rich, healing and transforming teachings of the Way of Mastery just as they were progressively given and all the while unfolding the very vision and purpose Jeshua reveals they are for:

to create a pathway that can serve anyone from the first inkling to waken all the way into Christ Mind (a pathway that has ‘never before been done on earth’)

~ to restore His original teachings

~ to birth a million Christs

Astonishing Vision and Purpose!

That’s an astonishing Vision and Purpose He has given, together with all that comprises the Way: Teachings and Living Practices.


Enjoying the priceless acceleration that comes when we ‘join in one Purpose’, immersing with Friends of the Heart.

If you ever came to our Bali Ashram, or attended a Retreat or Pilgrimage, or participated in one of our online groups, you already know something happens by joining that is greater than the individual parts, alone!


Immersing in this alchemy of Teachings and Living Practices held and guided by the depth of wisdom, humor, and skill so many have loved and appreciated with Jayem (Jeshua’s ‘chosen channel’ for The Way of Mastery).

The program provides you the opportunity to ask Jayem your questions related to the teaching. Each question is a jewel for all of us.

Emerging over thirty-five years!

That very vision has gone through specific stages:
Contact: The Jeshua Letters and the Way of the Servant.
The channeling years: Live groups with Jeshua as he ‘seeded’ the basics of the Way.
The Living Practices: LovesBreath, Radical Inquiry, the doorways to deeper alchemy in Forgiveness and Waking, ‘beyond mere Idea and Concept.’ Then,
His Original Aramaic Teachings: The Lord’s Prayer and Beatitudes.

Jayem has been the ‘first student’ surrendered fully to Him through whom the Pathway has been given even as he gave himself in studentship to it all.

And now, imagine...

The next stage of His Vision begins to unfold.

The ‘unpacking’ – grounded in the seamless integration of the Teachings and Living Practices, crystallizing the stages, phases, and modules that will become the fulfillment of His Vision: a pathway “never before done on earth” available to countless beings whom none of us will ever meet!!!

And yet… the very Ground in which this exciting stage unfolds, requires the rich and fertile field, the resonant energy field, that arises when we join and immerse together IN the Way!  


Registration currently closed...

Our Friends of the Way program is a global, virtual community of devoted visionaries and students of the Way!
Our first group began their immersion in August, 2022.
Our second group began on  January, 2023.
At this time we are unsure if a third group will be offered. Please join the mailing list to remain updated. Click here!



"To each and every one of you, whether you are ‘new’ to the Way, have been around for years, have dipped in and dipped out, and especially to those who are ‘certain’ they ‘have already done the Way of Mastery', trust me, it’s Time to dive deep, to surrender together, to immerse and fulfill the only Purpose we share together AS Who we Truly Are.

I invite you to join me as a committed friend of the way." ~ Jayem

For now, again, imagine…

Every week you recline in your chair, click a button, and we join in Love'sBreath, Prayer, Chanting, in ‘Shalu’ (to open the self to the Self) and IN this field we immerse in unpacking and diving into the jewels of, first, The Jeshua Letters.

Each weekly filmed darshan (darshan... to share in Truth) expertly and seamlessly weaving Love'sBreath, Radical Inquiry, cultivating real Presence, resting in Wonder Questions, and the very guided Living Practices normally only engaged in retreats and workshops, all designed to be ‘digestible’ in our practical daily lives.



Once a week. One hour. Consistently. Generating a Field of Light, grounding the Pathway and crystallizing this Final Stage of His Vision: it is time for the Pathway to emerge as the stepping stones for ‘anyone from the first inkling to wake all the way into Christ Mind.’


Shalu & Love'sBreath

Topic:  "Beginning stages of love'sbreath"
How do you feel after coming into

Words of Wisdom from Jayem

Topic:  "I AM"
Jayem explores this popular term 

Wonder Questions

Topic:  "Adam ~ first man & the body"
Dive deeply into living practice 

Shalu ~ What is it?

Topic:  "A meditation. Genuine Prayer"
Notice what happens in the body! 

Sharing Truth

Topic:  "Servant of the Light"
Have you wondered what your purpose is? 

A First Step

Topic:  "Being Willing to allow"
Wonder questions, live into the answers 




"Exceeded my wildest expectations" 

Paul from the US

"Words really are not sufficient to convey my gratitude. I have never paid for anything in my life that has the extraordinary value this does.  It reaches into my heart and my soul.  The teachings you are sharing with us, both through the videos and additional messages are more than I hoped for when I signed up."

Jana from the US

"A major shift is occurring and I am feeling so grateful!  Miracles are happening, I feel changed."

Michelle from the USA

"The online program was the best thing I ever did, not only does it reveal the richness and in-depth teaching of Jeshua, it helps you to absorb this into your being. Jayem drops in many profound and helpful "jewels" along the way... it has helped me in more ways than I could have (in my human limited way) ever imagined."

Mary from AUS

"Such a rich, deep immersion and much to contemplate and practice..."

Kay from AUS

"So grateful for this most wonderful immersion"

Kavitha from USA

"Words cannot describe the exquisite transmissions received through joining Friends of the Way. Life changing – beautiful and perfect for these challenging times.  Simply love it!!!"

Prem from USA

"I am grateful that I decided to join this Friends of the Way journey. What an extraordinary experience this darshan provides! There is so much here that it requires repeated listening. Jeshua's powerful and wise words combined with Jayem's gentle observations and suggestions form a spellbinding message for the soul."

Willem from USA

Understand this...

There is much to be brought into form in service of every being He will send to the Way!

Have no doubt about this: We invite you to join, knowing that it is your willingness to join that generates the very power and the creative field from which all that will manifest as the very stepping stones FOR all He sends to the Way, will come into being.


Rest in breath...

So! Rest in LovesBreath right now. Notice what you truly feel. You already know, don’t you?

And if your very soul is already whispering ‘Yes’ (maybe, I’ve been waiting!), then take the joyous leap of faith!

Below you will discover all the information you need as we cast off the lines, and send this ship toward and beyond the far horizons of the world, growing together illuminating IN this world the birthing of a million Christs.

The Details:





Register and pay our standard price.

$150 USD monthly or
$1,500 USD annual

* Annual subscription means you pay for 10 months and receive 2 months free.



Feeling the desire  to participate? Don't have the financial means to cover the standard option?

Rest in breath, tune into what you can offer on a monthly basis, complete your application letting us know what you feel able to contribute.



This is for anyone who desires to participate and support another through contribution higher than the standard price.

You set the amount knowing that you are paying it forward to a scholarship position.

Patron Option

Consider becoming a pathway patron!

This option is for those who know the Pathway is their home and desire to support in the creation of Jeshua's vision.

Make a donation/contribution of $2,500USD or higher - you choose! You will receive 12 months access to Friends of the Way, the knowingness that your donation has been paid forward in support of scholarship positions and other program expenses.

Pathway patrons will receive exclusive discounts on selected gatherings along with other bonus offerings from time to time.



"Your participation is precious and important. And I want to join with all sincere students who are ready to dive deep together and make this journey together.

I invite you to join me - as a Friend of the Way." ~ Jayem

"If not you, who?

If not now, when?"

~ Hillel the Elder

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